How to setup Voice Commands ?




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    Lincoln matheson Matheson lincoln

    would you mind posting a screenshot of where the toolbar is located?

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    Diego Vasques

    First, congrats for this extension. Does it have Portuguese pre-installed voice commands or do I have to create each one of them, for instance (coma = vírgula, etc.)? 

    I also have tried to use English voice commands amidst dictation in Portuguese and it didn't work. 

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    Podia ter letra maiúscula depois do ponto. Tem como fazer?

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    Many of the popular ones like comma should be included, we are working on adding predefined language voice commands. 

    Capitalization works. For example: saying "i want to test full stop lets see if this gets capitalized" comes out as "I want to test. Let's see if this gets capitalized"

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    Janet Alexander

    Unable to find the >_ button on the toolbar for setting extra voice commands...and must I toggle the 'mic' on and off between speaking? I thought there was an extra button to do that...?

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    Social Nevoa

    Como faço para anexar o audio ou video que tenho guardado no ambiente de trabalho, por exemplo? 

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    Dimitriadis Ioannis

    When I use open/close parentheses, a space is added between the word(s) and the parenthesis signs.

    Double punctuation characters should not necessarily be separated by a space. Can this be user-defined?


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